PLEASE READ CAREFULLY FIVER FRIDAY DEAL - no added discount (if discount is added you will be automatically refunded) This listing is for t-shirts ONLY Black, white, lemon, turquoise and royal blue tees are £5 we have extra colours on offer at an additional £1 extra  PLEASE POP IN DESIGN OR FONT INTO SUITABLE TEXT BOX Pop vinyl in notes NO GLITTER VINYL for the stag!  Baby vests only in white Please choose design you would like and fill in required areas
(Designs which are in the pictures) 
Polar express or holly wreath 
. no codes are allowed ... however if you see any full priced items on my website which you like as well but would like to save posatge - add to a seperate order and select add to order maybe even find a rep code for the full priced item to save more ;)


Colour product

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