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***** Where it all began *****

Hi, I'm Sammie owner of TLR. 

I have always loved making things and i think most people would call me very creative. I have tried quite a few different areas of the handmade businesses from bows to toy boxes. I eventually fell in love with making clothing.

TLR is a small run business which I run from the smallest room in the house. 

I work in an office 30 hours of the week at my day job as well as having my hands full with Theo my 3 year old. I do all of TLR in the evenings. I would love to do this as a full time job but would need massive support from all you guys. 

Please bare with me when it comes to returning emails or messages. I have a great team of reps which my forever team are so helpful take over my social media for me which i am forever grateful for. 

Thank you for visiting my website and if you order thank you so much and imagine me happy dancing :D




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